Our Story

Danny and Amy Chou were both born in Taiwan. At a young age, they both had to drop out of schools early in order to provide for their families. Due to this, they did not have many opportunities in Taiwan. However, one of Danny's friends that he met in the military had discovered new opportunities in the United States. So in 1982, Danny, Amy, and their children Jenny and Mike immigrated to the United States, the land of opportunities. They settled in Colorado.

Times were humbling. Amy cleaned homes and Danny washed dishes at one of his friend's restaurant. Eventually they both worked their way into busing tables. When they learned enough "restaurant English" they were able to wait tables. Eventually, Danny worked his way into becoming a manager of a Chinese restaurant in Centennial. Throughout these years, Danny and Amy had visions of owning their own business. They had experienced many mistreatments at various restaurants. There were even places when employees were barely fed at meal times and were not allowed to eat something as simple as egg rolls. Danny and Amy vowed that if they ever owned their own business, they would treat their employees like family members.

The dream of owning their own business became a reality in 1986. They bought a fast food Chinese Restaurant in Denver. Times were challenging. The previous owner of the restaurant was not honest with the profitability numbers. Due to the lack of revenue, Danny, Amy, and 1 other employee had to run the whole restaurant. Their kids Jenny and Mike had to work weekends to help out. It took several years, but the Chou family finally turned this business profitable.

In 1992, one of Danny's friends wanted to build a new restaurant in the Centennial area. He was very impressed with Danny's business management skills that he proposed to start a restaurant together. The vision for this restaurant was a super clean atmosphere, use of the highest quality ingredients, and excellent service. In September of 1992, China Taipei was opened. Things went well in the partnership at first. However there were many disagreements along the way. Danny and Amy had always envisioned their employees as family. The business partner saw employees as dispensable. Eventually Danny and Amy sold their other restaurant and bought out the business partner.

Today, China Taipei is still the same family owned business. We still have the same philosophy as in 1992. We offer our customers a very clean atmosphere, high quality foods, and excellent service. We still view our employees as family members, which would explain our high retention rate. You can see Danny and Amy just about every day. On occasion, you will see Jenny, her husband Dickson, and their son Christopher. You may also see Mike, his wife Melinda, and their son Elijah.

Overall, we are very thankful to be in the United States. We are all American Citizens now. We own a small family business. Both Jenny and Mike have College Business degrees and are thriving in their own careers. America has definitely been the land of opportunity.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to be of service. We know there are many restaurants that you can visit. Thank you for choosing us. If you like your experience here, please tell your friends and family about us.

Chou Family